Prof. Daniel Friedmann

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Research Interests:
Comparative Law

Academic Degrees: M. Jur. (The Hebrew University), LL.M. (Harvard Law School), Dr. Jur.
(The Hebrew University).

Prof. Friedmann is a member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities, member of the
American Law Institute and a member (titular) of the International Academy of Comparative Law.
He is also an Adviser to the Restatement (Third) of the Law of Restitution.

His awards include the Zeltner Prize, Sussman Prize, Minkoff Prize and the prestigious Israel Prize.

Prof. Friedmann has been the Dean of Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty in 1974-78. He has been visiting
professor at Harvard University Law School; the University of Pennsylvania Law School; Queen Mary
College - the University of London, and Fordham University Law School.

He was a member, of the Commission of Inquiry (Chairman Justice M. Beiski) appointed by the President
of The Supreme Court to investigate price regulation of bank shares. He has been a member of a number
of Legislative Advisory Committees, and is presently a member of the Advisory Committee (Chairman,
Justice A. Barak) appointed by the Minister of Justice for the Codification of Civil Law in Israel.

Professor Friedmann participated in the establishment of the Cegla Institute for Comparative and Private
International Law at Tel Aviv University, and has been its first director. He also participated in establishing
the Law School of the College of Management and was its first Dean.

Publications include:


Motor Vehicle Insurance (Hebrew); The Law of Unjust Enrichment vol. 1-2 (2d ed.) (Hebrew);
Contracts vol. 1-2 (with Nili Cohen) (Hebrew); To Kill and Take Possession: A Social, Legal and Political
Analysis of Biblical Stories (Hebrew; an English translation was published in 2002).

Books edited:

The Law of Obligations – General Part (Hebrew); Rules for International Trade in Services
(1990, with E. Mestmaecker); Conflict Resolution in International Trade (1993, with E. Mestmaecker);
Good Faith and Fault in Contracts (1995, with J. Beatson); Human Rights in Private Law (2001, with
D. Barak-Erez).

Chapters in the International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law:

Adjustment Among Multiple Debtors (with N. Cohen); Payment of Another's Debt (with N. Cohen).

His many articles in Law Reviews in Israel, England and the U.S. include: “Restitution of Benefits Obtained
through the Appropriation of Property or the Commission of a Wrong” 80 Colum. L. Rev. 504 (1980) (This article
has been included in the volume on Restitution (L. Smith ed. 2001); “The Efficient Breach Fallacy” 18 Jour.
L. Studies 1 (1989) (excerpts from this article have been included in a number of casebooks and anthologies);
"The Performance Interest in Contract Damages," (1995) 111 L.Q. R. 628; "Good Faith and Remedies for Breach
of Contract” in Good Faith and Fault in Contracts Law; “Restitution for Wrongs: The Measure of Recovery"
Texas Law Review; “Restitution for Wrongs: The Basis of Liability”, in Restitution - Past, Present and Future
(ed. Cornish et al); “Unjust Enrichment, Pursuance of Self Interest and the Limits of Free Riding”, in von Mehren
Festschrift (2002); “The Objective Principle and Mistake and Involuntariness in Contract and Restitution”
(2003) 119 L.Q. R. 74