CBRC Tel Aviv Univ



Researchers from different disciplines and clinicians, at the main campus of Tel Aviv University and in its affiliated hospitals, have been involved for many years in cancer research. In this context, they devote their efforts and time to the study of the biology of malignant processes and to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of neoplastic diseases.

The Cancer Biology Research Center (CBRC) of Tel Aviv University was established in 1979, as a joint framework of the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine. The major aim of the Center is to promote cancer research at the University, and to establish and support scientific interactions between researchers and clinicians whose common interest is cancer.

To achieve this goal, the Center is taking the following actions:

Organizing conferences that bring together cancer researchers and clinicians of the University.

Providing financial support to cancer studies performed at the University (selected from submitted grant applications).

Establishing “Discussion Forums” that focus on specific aspects of the disease. These Forums are aimed at promoting in depth interactions between researchers and clinicians who share interest in specific topics.

Supporting the participation of cancer research students in professional workshops and courses.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the Center, I invite all cancer researchers and clinicians of Tel Aviv University to take part in the different activities of the Center.


Looking forward to your participation in the Center's activities,


Prof. Adit Ben-Baruch

Head, Cancer Biology Research Center (CBRC)