Qesher title

No. 8, November 1990

Shalom Rosenfeld Freedom and Responsibility From Sokolov to Barak
Aharon Barak Freedom of Expression and its Limitations
Menachem Michelson The Ultra-Orthodox Press in Israel
Shoshana Shtiftel Nahum Sokolov as Journalist and Editor
Talli Tadmor-Shimoni Louis Miller and the "Warheit": A New Element in the American Yiddish Press
Arno Herzberg A Jewish Editor in Nazi Germany
Aryeh Ben Yosef Treasures That Will No Longer Be Lost
Moshe Or Reuter, Havas and Company: The Telegraphic News Agencies' Jewish Connection
Gabriel Tsifroni Shlomo Ben Yisrael: His Heart was in the East, but He was at the Edge of the West
Alina Cala A Bibliography of the Jewish Press in Polish
Mussia Lipman Russian-Language Newspapers in Israel: A Brief Guide
Shlomo Shva Aryeh Navon: The First Caricaturist in Eretz Yisrael
Dov Genhovsky "Ha-Mizrah" Mikhael Pikovsky's Illustrated Newspaper
Nurit Govrin The "Ha-Za'ir": Portrait of a Literary Journal
Yehuda Eloni The Immortal "Schlemiel"