Qesher title

No. 5, May 1989

Shalom Rosenfeld Spanning Four Continents
Jacob Toury Highlights in the Development of the Jewish Press in Germany
Hans Otto Horsch The History of the "Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums"
Yehuda Eloni The Birth of the "Jüdische Rundschau"
Walter Gross The Last Years of the "Jüdische Rundschau"
Gershom Schocken Robert Weltsch: Editor and Journalist
Bernd Sösseman From Boulanger to Hitler: The Life and Work of Theodor Wolff Within the Polemics of His Time

A Journalist in a Nazi Prison: Egon Erwin Kisch Recalls His Imprisonment in Germany in 1933
Herbert Freeden The Church and Judaism in Germany as Reflected in the Jewish Press, 1933-1938
Moshe Halevi The "Fin du Siécle" Period as Reflected in the Liberal Jewish Press in Germany
Uzi Elyada Zalkind Hourwitz and the Press During the French Revolution
Maya Cohen The Jewish Press in China
Dov Siskal "Die Presse": The Oldest Jewish Daily in the World
Mordecai Naor The Early Years of "Ha'aretz"
Robert Attal The Jewish Press of Tunisia
A.B. Yaffe Shlonsky as Literary Editor
Mussia Lipman Govorit Moskva (Moscow Calling): The Life and Work of Yuri Levitan, Radio Announcer
Shlomo Shva Photo-Journalism in Eretz-Yisrael
Menuha Gilboa The "Floiderzak": Ephraim Deinard's "Vipers' Hymn"