Qesher title

No. 4, November 1988

Shalom Rosenfeld Censorship The Uncompleted Story
Ya'akov Shavit Window on the World
Esther Banbassa Newspapers Serving Zionism in Istanbul and Salonika, 1908-1914
Judith Zabarenko The Negative Image of America in the Russian-Language Jewish Press (1881-1910)
Shai Nechushtai The American Hebrew Language Press, 1817-1914. Trends and Contents
Shalom Rosenfeld A Platoon of Soldiers Comes to Delay the Printing of "Al Hamishmar"
Edit Witman Women in the Israeli Press
Ruth Baki The "Son of Adam" and the "Son of Eve" Their Press War
Elisheva Ayalon The Jewish Agency's Information Bureau
Shimon Markish Jabotinsky as Russian Journalist
Ami Ayalon The Jewish Press of Egypt
Zvi Locker The Jewish Press in Yugoslavia
Yoav Gelber The Campaign Against the German Language Newspapers in Palestine
Hava Diner Le-Ezrath Ha-Am
Mussia Lipman Moshe Dayan A Young Reporter
Akiva Zimmerman The Cantors' World The Newspaper of a Vanished Era