Qesher title

No. 32, November 2002

Introduction Mordecai Naor
The Cases of "Kol Ha'am" and "Al-Ittihad" v. the Minister of Interior, the Supreme Court of Israel, 1953 Shimon Agranat
The Voice of the People: Justice Shimon Agranat's View of the "Kol Ha'am" Case Aharon Barak
Cross-Ownership of the Media: Does It Really Influence Contents? Yehiel Limor Ines Gabel
The Weakening of the Zionist Motif in "Ha'aretz", 1948-2002 Giora Goldberg
Haredi Society and the Digital Media Orly Tsarfaty Dotan Blais
"Ghorba" - An Arab Newspaper Published in New York Avi Raz
"Abe Cahan as a Reformer: The Political and Journalistic Road Taken by the Editor of the "Forverts" Ehud Manor
A War Time Press: The Jewish Press in Eretz Yisrael During World War Two Mordecai Naor
The Race to Establish a Hebrew Daily: The Metamorphosis of "Hatsfirah" Ela Bauer
The Opposition to the Notion of a Hebrew Daily Gideon Kouts
The Role of Correspondence in the Hebrew Press in Nineteenth-Century Europe Irith Nahmani
"Maly Przeglad": A Polish Juvenile Newspaper Published by Janusz Korczak Adina Bar-El
A Fighting Press: Israel's War of Independence as Reflected in the Hebrew Juvenile Press Meir Chazan
Book review: New Books in Hebrew on the Press and the Media:
Living With a Newspaper: The Life of German Jewish Editor Theodor Wolff Bernd Soesemann, Theodor Wolff – Ein Leben mit der Zeitung Thomas von der Osten-Saken
On Literature and the Press Nurit Govrin, Epochal Reading: Hebrew Literature and Its Contents Gideon Kuts
The Political Organ as a Tool for Legitimation Moshe Nes-El (ed.), "Herut": "Abstracts of Articles by and about Menachem Begin” Arye Naor
Children of Television Dafna Lemish, Growing Up With Television: The Little Screen in the Lives of Children and Adolescents Gilad Padva