Qesher title

No. 31, May 2002

Introduction Michael Keren
Israel and Zionism as reflected in the Media in Israel and Abroad: Symposium Eli Eyal, Yair Sheleg,
Gary Rosenblatt, Dorit Gollander,
Sarah Frenkel, Mordecai Naor.
Moderated by Efraim Lapid
Israel Grapples with Its History (and Future): The Domestication of the Post-Zionist Critique Joel S. Migdal
Intellectuals and Tradition: The Case of Journalists and National Tradition in Israel Yaakov Yadgar
Between Zionism and Post-Zionism in Israeli Theater: Deconstruction Dan Urian
National and Personal Cinema Uri Klein
Zionist Discourse in the Jewish Press in Post-Soviet Russia Yuval Shahal
"Der Jude" (1899-1902): Profile of a Zionist Periodical Published in Yiddish David Pur
Tribulations of a World Zionist Newspaper: The Rise and Fall of the "Jüdische Welt-Rundschau" Thomas von der Osten-Sacken
Book review: New Books in Hebrew on the Press and the Media:
An Open World: Positive and NegativeNiv Ahituv, A World Without Secrets: On the Open Information Society (Tel Aviv: Am Oved,, 2001) Michael Keren
The First Woman Field Correspondent in Eretz Yizrael: Bracha Habas and Her Journalistic and Literary Role Mordecai Naor
The Israeli Press at the start of the Al-Aksa IntifadaDaniel Dor, The Press Under the Influence (Tel Aviv: Babel, 2001) Anat Biletzki
'Ma'ariv'- A View from WithinYuval Elitsur, From Shaharit to 'Ma'ariv' (Tel Aviv: Teuda, 2002) Mordecai Naor
Objects of Discrimination by the Israeli MediaEli Avraham, The Hidden Israel: Kibbutz, Jewish Settlements, Development Cities and Arab Towns in the Israeli Press (Jerusalem: Akademon, 2001) Vicky Shiran