Qesher title

No. 30, November 2001

Introduction Michael Keren
The Media, Truth, Public and Commercial Broadcasting and the Public Interest Eliakim Rubinstein
“And Now For a Message From Our Sponsors”: The Commercial-Channel News vs. the Public-Channel News in Israel Mira Moshe
The Media in Haredi Society in Israel Kimmy Caplan
“Touch the Sky”: Jewish Identity in the Modern Israeli Culture Dan Urian
“We” and “Everyone”: the Representation of Israel’s Multi-Cultural Society in the Media Ayelet Cohen
“The Voice of the People” – For All the People? Community TV in Israel Hillel Nossek
The Evolution of a Conscience: the Emergence and Development of Journalistic Ethic in Israel Yehiel Limor
“Walla Chat”: An Ethnographic View of an Israeli Internet Chat Site Dotan Blais
Recollections of Ezriel Carlebach and the Founding of “Ma’ariv” Shalom Rosenfeld
The First Woman Field Correspondent in Eretz Yizrael: Bracha Habas and Her Journalistic and Literary Role Mordecai Naor
“La Rivista Israelitica” of Parma - The First Jewish Periodical in Italy Bruno Di Porto
Rudi Weissenstein, The Photographer of the Declaration of the State of Israel Shlomo Sheva
Book review of View the Land from Distance - Selected articles by Eliezer Raphael Malachi on Eretz-Israel, edited by Elchanan Rainer and Haggai Ben-Shamai (Yad Ben Zwi Publishing House, 2001) Mordecai Naor
Book review of Channel 2 – The New Statehood by Noam Yuran (Resling Publishing, Tel Aviv, 2001) Michael Keren
Book review of Jewish Jesters - A Study in American Popular Comedy, by Arthur Asa Berger (Hampton Press Inc.,Cresskill, N.J., 2001) Uri Klein