Qesher title

No. 3, May 1988

Shalom Rosenfeld The press and History
Giora Goldberg The Press Reviews of Knesset Deliberations
Moshe Zak Ten Leaks
Menahem Blondheim The Jews in Telegraph News Agencies from Wolf and Reuter to Pulitzer
Yehoshua Rotenshtreich From Our Palestine Correspondent
Mordecai Naor Herzl and the Media
Menuha Gilboa Outlines For a Methodology For Research of the Press
Margalit Mattitiyahu The Jewish Press in Salonika
Andrzej Paczkowski The Jewish Press in Poland Between Two World Wars
Raya Adler Juna A Jewish Press Agency in Switzerland During World War II
Hava Zeinfeld The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt as Mirrored in the Eretz Yisrael Press

"Bad News" and Their Influence on the Individual and Society (Excerpts from a Symposium Organized by the Journalism Studies Program at Tel Aviv University)
Bella Kempel "The Evening News" Mapai's Evening Paper, 1946-1948
Ilana Kedmi "Mivrak" The Daily That Emerged From the Underground
Gabriel Tsifroni "A Special Paper"
Uriel Ofek "Hehaver" The Only Childrens' Daily in the World
Ber Rosen Requiem For "Tlomtzka 13"
Egon Kish The "New York Cafe" in London
Moshe Dor The First Jewish War Correspondent