Qesher title

No. 29, May 2001

Introduction Michael Keren
Ya'akov Grauman - Journalist, Economist, Human Being Aryeh Shilo
Symposium: The Economy as Reflected in the Media Niv Achituv, Ze'ev Hirsch,
Assaf Razin, Ephraim Rainer,
Haggai Golan, Sever Plotzker, Nechemia Strassler.
Economic and Organizational Aspects of the Early Hebrew Newspapers in Europe Gideon Kouts
The Hirschensohn Family of Publishers in Jerusalem, 1882-1908 Yossef Lang
"Haboker": A Centrist Newspaper in Pre-State and Post-Independence Israel Mordecai Naor
"Ha'aretz", 1918-1937: From an Establishment-Sponsored to a Commercial Newspaper Ouzi Elyada
Israel's "Economics Quarterly": From Ideological Platform to Scholarly Journal Yitzhak Greenberg
The Economics of Jewish Journalism in North America Neil Rubin
The Economic Foundations of the Egyptian Jewish Press Between the World Wars: The Case of "La Revue Sioniste" Hagar Hillel
Unspoken Censorship: Economic Censorship and the Mass Media Yehiel Limor, Hillel Nossek
Economic Imprint of the Mass Media: The Case of Israel's Channel Two Gideon Doron
Levi Eshkol, Media Favorite Dan Giladi
Journalists as Bankers: Journalists, Editors and Authors in Managerial Posts in Anglo-Palestine Bank Eitan Burstein
The Readership that followed a Columnist to a Rival Newspaper: An Anecdote in the Yiddish Press in Poland, 1925 Shlomo Netzer
Book Review Gideon Kouts