Qesher title

No. 28, November 2000

Introduction Michael Keren
On the Media and Bereavement in the Bible Yair Hoffman
Women in the Hebrew Press - Beginnings Nurit Govrin
A Forgotten Figure: Hava Shapira, ”The Mother of All that Lives” Rachel Yoktan
“Ha’isha” (The Woman) and Civil Society in Eretz Yisrael During the 1020s Michael Keren
“La’isha” (For the Woman) - An Israeli Weekly for Women that Defines Home, Self and Contemporary Reality Sonia Leiden
The Women’s Press in Israel: An Arena for Reproduction or for Challenge ? Hanna Herzog
A Disappearing World ?: Women in TV Election Campaigns in Israel Gabi Weimann
Jonathan Cohen
Women Journalists in the Israeli Press Einat Lachover
Have Pink and Blue Become Interchangeable ? Gendered Language in the Israeli Press Diana Luzzatto
Yehuda Jacobson
Trapped in Marginality ? The Exposure of a Community Theater in the Israeli Media Anat First
Shulamit Lev-Aladgem
Women in the Israel Broadcasting Community: Data and Status Dalia Liran-Alper
Jewish Women in American Film Dganit Borovsky
Jewish Women Military Reporters in the U.S. Aryeh Hashavia
“Company Jasmine”: A Production Diary Yael Katzir
Book Review Mordecai Naor