Qesher title

No. 27, May 2000

Introduction Michael Keren
Is the Journalist Like Any Other Employee?  The Rights and Obligations of Newspaper Publishers and Journalists in the Labor Relations Elisheva Barak
Alfred Kerr: Critic and Essayist in the Turn-of-the-Century Berlin Moshe Zuckerman
“Israel” - A Trilingual Newspaper Published in Cairo Between the World-Wars Hagar Hillel
The Carrot and the Stick: Israeli Newspapers and their Attitude to the Arabs of Israel During the Intifada Ilan Asya
Location and Identity in Two Israeli TV Series: ”Florentine” and “Bat-Yam - New York” Miri Talmon
Tamar Libes
The “King of Jews” (Herzl) as a Communications Wizard Ohad David
“Al Hamishmar”: The Anatomy of a Party-Sponsored Newspaper Yariv Tsfati
Convergence and Distance in the Relationship Between Center and the Periphery in the Journalistic Discourse Oren Sofer
Advertisements in the Israeli Press During the 1970s: From Yom Kippur War to the Peace Agreement with Egypt Yarden Vatikai
Rabin’s Murder through the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Prism Chagit Mes-Tsfaty
“Greeninkeh Baimelekh” (Green Bushes) - A Yiddish Juvenile Newspaper in Vilna Adina Bar-El
Changes in the Israeli Juvenile Press, 1950s-1990s Irit Cohen
Dvora Feingoz
Book Review Moshe Negbi
Book Review Shalom Rosenfeld