Qesher title

No. 26, November 1999

Michael Keren “High” Culture and “Low” Culture - The Dilemma
Yaron Katz Indigenous Culture and Multi-Channel TV in Israel: Do They Go Together?
Dan Orian TV - Influenced Theater in Israel
Gideon Kouts “Hakol” and the Beginning of the Popular Hebrew Press in Europe
Uzi Elyada The “Yellow” Press vs. the “Proper” Press in Eretz Yisrael of the 1920s
Edna Nahshon Two Trials of Yiddish Newspapers in New York, 1929
Dana Arieli Horowitz Between “High” and “Low” Culture: Photomontage in the Weimar Republic
Yechiel Szeintuch Literature, Politics and Humor
Dan Almagor “Light” vs. “Serious”: Nathan Alterman’s Rhymed Newspaper Columns vs. His Lyric Poetry
Gabriel M. Rosenbaum The “Miniature Novel” and the “Quill”:
The Transplanting of a Popular Hungarian Genre
from Budapest to Tel Aviv
Hanna Adoni
Naomi Kessler-Feinstein Shlomo Bosidan
Culture Life in Israel’s Outlying Regions