Qesher title

No. 25, May 1999

Michael Keren 50 Years of the Israeli Media
Sam Lehman-Wilzig The 50-Year-Old Rivalry between “Yediot Aharonot”
and “Ma’ariv”
Avi Katzman In the Liberal Tradition: “Ha’aretz”
Yoram Peri Requiem for What Once Was: Israel’s Politically Sponsored Press
Yehiel Limor The Cruel Fate of Israeli Dailies
Mordecai Naor Israel’s Army Media
Michael Keren Ha’olam Hazeh”: The Story of an Israeli Political Newspaper
Aryeh Naor LEFTist Political Dailies in Israel: Ideology, Politics and the Failure of Privatization
Roni Milo Local Newspapers in Israel: An Absence of Love
Salem Jubran The Arabic Press in Israel
Tamar Liebes Israeli Broadcast Programming as a Reflection of Society
Gabriel Weimann Israel’s TV Culture
Nurit Govrin Literary Supplements in the Israeli Daily Press
Drora Baharal “Chronicles: News of the Past” - The Biblical Past in a Contemporary Format
Hannah Herzog The Women’s Press in Israel