Qesher title

No. 22, November 1997

Shalom Rosenfeld In Praise of the Day Before Yesterday's Newspaper

Israel Press Council Rules of Professional Ethics of Journalism
Yehuda Eloni Heinrich Heine as a Journalist
Jürgen Michael Schulz Heine - The Link Between Literature and Journalism
Yigal Lossin On Behalf of the Persecuted Jews of Damascus: A Chapter in the Journalistic History of Heinrich Heine

Raphael Cohen-Almagor

The Limits of Freedom of Speech in the Media
Yehiel Limor and Inés Gabel Conservation vs. Dynamism: The Evolution of the "Nakdi Document" in the Israel Broadcasting Authority
Moshe Goncharok A Hundred Years of the Jewish Anarchist Press
Etti Paz "Eden" - A Hebrew Children's Periodical in the U.S.
Haim Avni Israel's Image in Two American Jewish Local Newspapers
Dan Miodownik "The Democratic Newspaper" and Its Editor, Mordecai Stein
Mordecai Naor Sensationalist Fiction in the Hebrew Press in Palestine of the 1940s