Qesher title

No. 2, November 1987

Shalom Rosenfeld A Jewish Newspaper
Shmuel Schnitzer The Gazette, First After All
Uri Paz Who Will Watch the Watchdog
Gideon Kouts Nahum Sokolov and the "Official Function" of the Hebrew Press
Mattitiyahu Hindes A Jewish Journalist and Hitler's 'Putsch'
Mussia Lipman The Jewish Press in Vilna Under Four Regimes
Edit Witman "Unzer Sztyme" The First Periodical By Holocaust Survivors in Germany
David Giladi The Jewish Press in Hungary
Baruch Mevorach Il Passa Tiempo Bulgaria, 1909
Aharon Even Chen Israel A Zionist Journal in Cairo
Gabriel Tsifroni "Hazit Ha'am" The Paper People Loved to Hate
Yehuda Lahav "Kol Ha'am" The Beleaguered Paper

One Daily Paper Government Owned: A Proposal Advanced in 1948, Shortly After the Establishment of Israel

One-Man Paper: Some Words About "Gezeytler Worter"
Yohanan Arnon A One-Man Paper: Uri Zvi Greenberg's Sadan