Qesher title

No. 19, May 1996

Shalom Rosenfeld Bridging Cultures
Hannah Semer Yitzhak Rabin and the Media: Sans Favoritism, Manipulation or Grudges
Yitzhak Rabin (archival record) "I've never seen a Party Organ Than Anyone Ever Read"
Ya'akov Sa'ar Yitzhak Rabin: Photo File
Moshe Negbi Television Reports Two Judgments in Israeli Courts
Yehiel Limor The Proliferation of Pirate Radio in Israel
Ze'ev Goldberg The Beginnings of the Yiddish Sensationalist Press in America
Gideon Spiegel The Jewish Mindset in America as Reflected in the "Forward"'s "Bintel Brif" Advice Column
Hagit Halperin "Bereishit" Marked the End: Recollections by Moshe Hiyug of the Only Hebrew Periodical in the Soviet Union
Shaul Zadka Reactions of the British Press to the Jewish Underground in Palestine in the 1940s
Genadi Ostreikh Young Yiddish Writers in the Final Period of the Soviet Union: Myth and Reality
Dan Almagor Writers of Hebrew Rhymed Journalistic Stire: A Bibliography
Akiva Zimmerman "Loyal Guardian of Zion": An Orthodox Jewish Biweekly in Mid-Nineteenth Century Germany
Hayim Sa'adon The Jewish Press in North Africa