Qesher title

No. 18, November 1995

Shalom Rosenfeld Authors and Journalists
Chief Justice Meir Shamgar "The Voice of Criticism May Not be Silenced": Dissenting Opinion in the Case of Dr. Shlomo Cohen v. the Israel Chamber of Advocates
Yehiel Limor Wars Between Publishers During the Early Years of the Press in Eretz Yisrael
Steven Cassedy "Razsvet" in 1881: From Moderation to Militancy
Menuha Gilboa Judah Leib Kantor, Editor of the First Hebrew Daily
Ze'ev Goldberg The "Litvak Mrs. Know-It-All" and her Struggle Against "Just a Man": Zelikovitch's Women's Column in "Yidishes Tageblat"
Gad Nahshon "Uriel", a Monthly of "Kabbalistic Sciences" by the Poet of "hatikva", Naftali Herz Imber
Avner Holtzman The Writer and his Editor: Micha Josef Berdyczewski and Nahum Sokolow
Natan Cohen "The Press is Swallowing Up our Literature": The Relationship Between Yiddish Authors and Journalists in Poland During the Interwar Period
Avraham Karpinovitch The Remarkable Story of "Urke Nachalnik"
Moshe Pelli The American Hebrew Daily "Ha-Do'ar" at its Inception, 1921
Dan Almagor Natan Alterman's "Seventh Column", Contemporary Columns and Successor Columns
Zvi Locker The Jewish Press in the Former Yugoslavia
Dov Genhovsky Menahem Porush, Advertising Solicitor for the Newspaper "Kol Yisrael"