Qesher title

No. 17, May 1995

Shalom Rosenfeld "Ha'aretz" The First Issue
Judge Sarah Sirota Espionage, Journalism and Defamation: Judgment in the Case of Isser Harel v. "Davar" Ltd. and Others
Shoshana Shtiftel Sokolov and the "Israelita": A Hidden Chapter in the Journalistic Life of the Noted Zionist Leader
Ella Kaveh "Hadashot" Beginning (1984) and End (1993)
Hillel Nossek and Yehiel Limor Military Censorship in Israel: An Ongoing "Temporary" Compromise Between Conflicting Principles
Uzi Elyada The Revisionist "Do'ar Hayom": A Tumultuous Chapter of Journalistic History
Bruno di Porto The Jewish Press in Livorno
Dan Almagor The Columns That Preceded Natan Alterman's "Seventh Column"
Sasson Somekh and Nissim Rejwan Baghdad Jewish Journalists, 1946-48
Peter Hunter-Salomon Erich Salomon: Father of Photojournalism
David Assaf "The Holy Community of Sadagora Herald": An Unknown Anti-Hasidic Satire
Uri Dan Albert Londres: The Zionist From Vichy
Baruch Mevorach Letter From the "Prince of the Diaspora" to the "Orator of Mankind": A Jewish Detail in "Chronique de Paris", the French Revolutionary Daily