Qesher title

No. 16, November 1994

Shalom Rosenfeld A Different Kind of Publisher
Judge Menahem Goldberg, Presiding Is a Journalist Like Any Other Employee? A Second Look. Judgment in the Case of the Palestine Post Ltd. vs. Joanna Yehiel
Gideon Kouts The Hebrew Press at the Outset of the Dreyfus Affair
Hillel Nossek The Holocaust and the Revival of the Jewish State as Frames of Reference in Israeli Press Coverage of Major Terrorist Incidents, 1968-1978
Barbara Straus Reed The Early American Jewish Press
Menuha Gilboa The Beginnings of "Davar"
Mordecai Frankel "Das Einige Israel" The First Political Zionist Newspaper
Mordecai Naor A Conscripted Publisher: The Life and Work of Isaac Leib Goldberg, Founder and First Publisher of "Ha'aretz"
Mussia Lipman The Press in the Detention Camps in Cyprus
Gabriel Tsifroni The Case of Jewish-Arab Journalistic Cooperation
Hava Diner A Newspaper Devoted to "His Majesty the Child": The Life and Journalistic Activity of Meier de Hond
Shlomo Sheva The Camera Isn't Natural