Qesher title

No. 15, May 1994

Shalom Rosenfeld Newspapers: Post-mortem
Symposium: On the Expiration of Newspapers
Uri Avneri The Antagonists: Editorial Marking the Tent Anniversary of the Restructured "Ha'olam Hazeh" (April 7, 1960)
Ya'akov Shavit "Ha'olam Hazeh" - A Perspective
Sraya Shapira Journalist With a Camera
Yehiel Limor and Dan Caspi The Feminization of the Israeli Press
Bernd Sösemann The "Moabit's" Vigilant Conscience: Paul Schlesinger and His Articles on Court Proceedings in "Vossische Zeitung"
Erhard Schütz Egon Erwin Kisch, the Poet-Journalist from Prague
Hermann Haarmann Kurt Tucholsky: "To Speak, to Write, to be Silent"
Menuha Gilboa Alterman and the Press
Mordecai Naor From Newspaper Quote to Poem: The Mysterious Chaim Weizman–Natan Alterman Connection
Gad Nahshon "The Answer" - The Newspaper That Sounded an Alarm
Dov Genhovsky The Opening of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1925: A Tale of Invitations, a Banquet and a "press Scandal"
Eytan Almog The British Mandate Government in the Face of a Hostile Press in Palestine
Akiva Zimmerman "Sabbath Candles" - A Newspaper Devoted to the Sabbath
Dan Almagor Hebrew Press Jargon During the Last 200 Years
Alter Welner A Newspaper Under Siege: A Combat Daily Published During Israel's War of Independence.
Mussia Lipman A Newspaper Called "The Western Wall"
Benny Haspel A Car for Every Advertiser