Qesher title

No. 14, November 1993

Shalom Rosenfeld Is a Journalist Like Any Other Employee?
Judge Elisheva Barak Whose Newspaper Is It: Journalist-Publisher Relations: Judgment in the Case of Joanna Yehiel vs. The Palestine Post Ltd.
Menachem Michelson Peace Has 20 Faces: Israeli and Arab Newspaper the Day After the Signing of the Israel-PLO Agreement

A Freelancer is Not Considered an Employee: Judgment in an Appeal by Eli Cohen vs. Yediot Ahronot Ltd.
Menahem Blondhein and Kimmy Caplan On Communication and Audio Cassettes in "Haredi" Society
Hayim Baltsan A Million Readers As Against 2,000 Words
Gad Nahshon "The Jew" – The First Jewish Periodical in America
Joseph Lang Did A.M. Luncz Edit a Pro-Missionary Newspaper?
Dr. Mordecai Naor "Hadashot Meha'aretz": A British Army Hebrew Weekly (1918-19) and Precursor of "Ha'aretz"
Yohanan Arnon Uri Zvi Greenberg's "Albatros"
Menuha Gilboa "Rimon = Milgroym": An Unusual Arts Magazine in Hebrew and Yiddish 70 Years Ago
Shimon Rubinstein The Kisch–Schwartz Duel: An Early Chapter in the Struggle for a Free Press in Eretz Yisrael
Eytan Almog A Jewish Broadcaster in the Service of Nazi Radio
Mordecai Naor Importing an Editor for "Davar": A Little-Known Chapter in the History of the Israeli Press
Nehama Baroukh Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: The Cigarette War of 1930