Qesher title

No. 12, November 1992

Shalom Rosenfeld A Tale of Two Newspapers
Yosef Goldkorn The Rise and Fall of "Dos Nyeh Leben"
Alexander Zvielli Reflections on the 60-Year History of "The Jerusalem Post"
Dan Meridor A Free Press and its Role in Society
Hayim Yavin Between One Electoral Upset and the Next
Shalom Kital Israel Radio: "Mi Yitzhak" (Which Yitzhak" or "Who will Laugh)
Uri Paz Army Radio: Elections From the Field
Ya'akov Erez
"Ma'ariv": The Trial Polls Predicted the Electoral Upset
Yoram Peri Election Propaganda in the British and the Israeli Press
Uri Avneri Politicians Dragged Along by the Press
Shlomo Nakdimon What the Media Consumer Doesn't Know
Joseph Lang "From Our Political Correspondent in France": Eliezer Ben-Yehuda's First Political Articles in "Havazelet"
Uzi Elyada The Sensationalist Press in Eretz Yisrael,1908-1917
Mussia Lipman Ber Borochov: The Jewish Press in America
Hava Diner "Ha-Isha" An Exclusive Women's Magazine
Dov Genhovsky "Amud Ha-Yir'ah": "Lev Ha-Jvri's" Newspapers
Akiva Zimmerman "Mahanayim" The Story of a Religious Military Periodical
Nakdimon Rogel Secret Agents as Journalists in Eretz Yisrael, 1918-1920