Qesher title

No. 11, May 1992

Shalom Rosenfeld Between Two Poles
Ezriel Karlebach What is a Newspaper?
Jacob Toury Jewish Periodicals in Germany, 1817-1837
Joseph Hayim Brenner Yellow Journalism
Oded Bar-Meir,
Orly Levin,
Rivka Lif
Damascus is Smiling: "Caricature in the Syrian Press During the Gulf Crisis and War
Jacob Borut The Jewish Press in Germany in the Late Nineteenth Century as a Source of Historical information
Barbara Straus Reed Unity, Not Absorption: Robert Lyon and the "Asmonean"
Dafna Strauss Edward Rosewater A Nineteenth Century American Jewish Editor and Politician
Benjamin Nadel The Underground Bund Press in Tsarist Russia
Mussia Lipman Joseph Hayim Brenner and His War Against Yellow Journalism
Uzi Elyada The Sensationalist Press in Eretz Israel in the Early Twentieth Century
Nathan Cohen The Sensationalist Jewish Press in Warsaw Between the Two World Wars
Mordecai Naor Laughing Seriously: A Historical Survey of the Humorous and Satiric Press in Eretz Yisrael
Joseph Vardi "Yediot Ha-Teva" The First Popular Science Periodical in Hebrew