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Author, Historian, Lecturer. b. Tel Aviv, Aug 19, 1934; s. Meshulam and Tova (n. Levinhertz); Member of kibbutz Nahal Oz, 1953-1957; MA, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1970; PhD, Tel Aviv University, 1984; Institute for research of the Jewish Press, Tel Aviv University; Lecturer, Eretz Israel studies, Bet Berl College; Editor in Chief army and youth magazines, 1961-1971; Director General of Galei Zahal radio station, 1974-1978; Presenter, Israeli TV program "Tales from my good country"; Writer and researcher of dozens of radio and TV programs dealing with the life and history of Israel and the Jewish people; m. Leah Mishkowski, Oct. 25, 1955; c. Neta, Amir, Yael.

Author of 40 books. Among them: Mesipurei Eretz Ahavati (Tales from my beloved country), 1979 (21 printings); Hakotel (The Western Wall), with M. Ben Dov & Z. Aner, 1981, English edition, 1983, German edition, 1989; Please Meet Israel (English), 1983; Zmihato Shel Manhig (Emergence of a Leader - Pinhas Sapir), 1987; Laskov, 1988; The Good Old Days of Eretz Israel (Hebrew-English), 1989; Eretz Israel in the 20th Century, with D. Giladi 1990; The Aliya Book, 1991; Sefer Hamea (The Twentieth Century in Eretz Israel - A Pictorial History), 1996, English and German editions, 1998; Jerusalem, City of Hope (English), 1996; Industry - The Story of the Manufacturers and the Israeli Industry, 2000; The Jewish People in the 20th Century - A Pictorial History, 2001. English and German editions - forthcoming.

Editor of many books, as Encyclopaedia Britannica Lanoar, 1983, 1985; Idan historical series (17 volumes, 1983-1992); The Hagana Lexicon, 1992; The Jewish Press in Eretz Israel and the Holocaust (with Dina Porat), 2002. Editor of “Kesher”, semiannual periodical on Jewish Press, Tel Aviv University (1987- ). Awarded with the Sokolov Prize for Journalism (2002). Contact information

Contact information

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