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title:Carmen Osi

image:Carmen Osi

Present position

Director of the Information Center at the Bronfman Center for the Media of the Jewish People at Tel Aviv University, since 1990.
Assistant Editor of "Kesher".

Biographical Data

BA cum laude degree in French Literature, with complementary studies in English literature at Haifa University.
MA cum laude degree in French and Comparative literature at Haifa University. Research assistant and lecturer at the French Department at Haifa University.
Summer Semester at International Center for Pedagogical Research-Sevres, France.
MLS Studies at the School of Librarianship and Information Science at Haifa University.
The master thesis: "Initiation Itinerary in Gaston Bachelard poetical imagination" received the Dean's Excellency Prize for 1984.
Director of ORT Central Library.
Communication studies, Journalism Studies Program at Tel Aviv University.
Summer Semester at Goethe Institute, Berlin, Germany.
Ph.D. studies, Department of Political Science at Tel Aviv University.


Articles in:
Revue d'Histoire Litteraire de la France, (edited by CNL and CNRS, France) Approches, (edited by Centre du Recherche de la Poesie Contemporaine, Haifa) Cahiers Benjamin Fondane (edited by CNL, France).
Editor of Continuum - the literary journal of the Union of French-Language Writers in Israel

Contact information

Mailing Address:
Bronfman Center for the Media of the Jewish People
Tel Aviv University, POB 39040
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978

Phone: 972-3-6408102
Fax: 972-3-6422318
E-mail Address: ocarmen@post.tau.ac.il