21 2005

0626.4074  , ', Shakespeare, Joyce, Lacan
" - Sharon-Zisser, Dr. Shirley " MA Seminar
The seminar will center on Jacques Lacans twenty-third seminar, which is devoted to a study of Joyces art as a point of departure for the theorization of the fundamental concept of the sinthome, that particular psychic construct that enables a subject to bind jouissance (the symptomatic suffering which satisifies him) so that he might continue living. Joyces art, and in particular his late work, Finnegans Wake, in which language is emptied of sense to become a site of pure jouissance, is paradigmatic for Lacan as an instance in which symbolic enunciation is turned thing, We will use Lacans seminar as a springboard to questions at the heart of the vexed and far from sufficiently theorized relation of literature to psychoanalytic thinking. These will include the im-possibility of content or context-related hermeneutics such as literary criticism of all schools engages in, the nature of poetry, the place of sense in a literary work, the means by which an aesthetic work voids itself of sense and stages the real. A special place will be accorded to the question of linguistic-rhetorical form in psychoanalysis in relation to the sinthome, jouissance, and the real, and question Lacans late teaching does not treat but that may be productively theorized, in the wake of Lacans late work, via Shakespeares verbal art in its imbrication with the rhetorical theory on which it draws. Texts by Freud, other relevant texts by Lacan, and Seminars recently delivered by Jacques-Alain Miller on the leaking of sense and the centrality of poetry to psychoanalysis will provide supplementary reading.

Requirements: five short written responses submitted in the course of the semester, referat, seminar paper (optional).

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