Curriculum Vitae

David Tal, Department of History

Tel.: 972-3-6407758.

2000- NATO Research Fellow.

1996- Lecturer in the Department of History and in the Program of Security Studies, Tel-Aviv University.

1994- Receive the Ph.D. degree from the Tel-Aviv University Senate for the dissertation: "The Development of Israel's Day-to-Day Security Conception, 1949-1956."


6/2000- NATO’s Institutional Fellowship.

10/1999- European Union Social Science Information Research Facility Grant.

1999- Tel Aviv University Research Foundation Grant.

1998- Yad Hanadiv Fellowship.

1997- Tel Aviv University Research Foundation Grant.

1996- Kennedy Library’s Arthur Schlesinger Fellowship.

5/1991- Awarded the Israeli Council for Higher Education's Scholarship for Distinguished Students of Doctoral Studies.



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“The Forgotten War: The Jewish- Palestinian Strife in Palestine, December 1947- May 1948.” Israel Affairs, Vol. 6, no. 3-4, Spring/Summer 2000 (London, UK).

“Seizing Opportunities: Israel and the 1958 Crisis in the Middle East.” Middle Eastern Studies Vol. 37, No. 1, Jan. 2001 (London, UK).

Accepted for Publication


“Who Stopped the Egyptian Invasion to Palestine in the 1948 War?” Iyunim BiTkumat Israel (Israel)

“Eisenhower's Disarmament Dilemma: From Chance for Peace to Open Skies Proposal,” Diplomacy & Statecraft. (London, UK).

“Paving the Road to the War: Israeli Diplomacy and the 1967 War,” In A. Ben Zvi and A. Kleiman (eds.), Global Politics: Essays in Honor of David Vital, London: Frank Cass, 2001.

Edited Books

The 1956 War: Collusion and Rivalry in the Middle East, London: Frank Cass, [forthcoming].


Dr. David Tal is specializing in military and diplomatic History, and has completed these days a major book on the strategy and diplomacy of the 1948 War in Palestine. Dr. Tal is working currently on a study on the Nuclear Disarmament Dilemma.

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