Meira Polliack, Department of Bible 


Dr Meira Polliack, Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Tel-Aviv University. Specialized areas of research and teaching include: Medieval Bible exegesis and translation, Karaism, Judaeo-Arabic Literature and Judaeo-Arabic sources in the Cairo Genizah.

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):

Meira Polliack, born 2nd of April 1964 in Jerusalem, graduated (B.A._cum laude_) in Biblical Studies and Hebrew Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1987); received M. Phil in Oriental Studies (Bibl ical Hebrew), University of Cambridge (1989); awarded the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation scholarship (1989-1992); received Ph.D. in Oriental Studies (Arabic and Hebrew), University of Cambridge (1993); served as Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit, Cambridge University Library (1992-1995); awarded the Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Department of Arabic, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1996); awarded the Yigeal Allon Scholarship for a Lectureship in Biblical Studies, Te l-Aviv University (from 1997).


Recent publications:

Books: The Karaite Tradition of Arabic Bible Translation, A Linguistic and Exegetical Study of the Karaite Translations of the Pentateuch from the Tenth to the Eleventh Centuries CE, E. J. Brill (Leiden, 1997).


  1. “Alternate Renderings and Additions in Yeshu`ah ben Yehudah’s Arabic Translation of the Pentateuch”, JQR 84 (1993-94), pp. 209-226.
  2. “Medieval Karaite Views on Translating the Hebrew Bible into Arabic”, JJS 47 (1996), pp.64-84.
  3. “The Medieval Karaite Tradition of Translating the Hebrew Bible into Arabic: Its Sources, Characteristics and Background”, JRAS 6 (1996), pp.189-196.
  4. “Bible Translations and Word-Lists in the Cairo Genizah”, Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo 21 (1997), pp. 31-34.
  5. “Arabic Bible Translations in the Cairo Genizah Collection", in U. Haxen et. al. (eds.), The Proceedings of the EAJS Copenhagen Congress 1994 (Copenhagen, 1998), pp. 35-61.

Professional associations/learned bodies

Member of the World Union of Jewish Studies; Society for Judaeo-Arabic Studies; The American Association for Jewish Studies; The Society of Biblical Literature; The American Academy of Religion; The European Association for J ewish Studies.

Additional points of contact:

Dr Meira Polliack, Department of Biblical Studies, Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 69978.

Fax (at the School of Jewish Studies): 972-3-6407031

Tel (work): 972-3-6406057