Shapira Anita, Dept. of Jewish History

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):
Born in Poland. Made Aliyah in 1947. Married, 3 children
Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in 1974, Tel Aviv University
Full Professor since 1985, Dept. of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University
Field of Study: Modern Jewish History
Specialization: History of Zionism, the Jewish community in Palestine since 1882,
.the State of Israel. Recent works concentrate on questions of identity and culture
Incumbent of the Ruben Merenfeld Chair on the Study of Zionism, Tel Aviv
University, since 1996
Vice- Chairperson of the Israeli Historical Society since 1982 and member of the
boards of many scholarly organizations
Served as the head of the Weizmann institute on Zionist Research, Dean of the
Faculty of Humanities, at Tel Aviv University, as member of the National Planning
.and Grants Committee
Currently Head of the Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies, the national
commemoration project on behalf of the late Prime Minister

Major publications (books and major articles):
,דחואמה ץוביקהו ביבא-לת תטיסרבינוא תאצוה .1939-1929 ,תירבע הדובע ,בזכנה קבאמה
1977. ביבא-לת ,'מע 420
(Futile Struggle, The Jewish Labor Controversy, 1929-1939)
ביבא-לת ,'מע 796 ,םיקלח 2 ,דבוע םעו ביבא-לת תטיסרבינוא תאצוה ,םיקפוא תירפס .לרב
Berl Katznelson, A Biography of a Socialist Zionist, a shortened (400 pp.)
version of the Hebrew edition, adapted to the English reader, Cambridge
University Press, 1984
Berl Katznelson, Ein Sozialistischer Zionist, Judischer Verlag Bei Athenaum,
.1988, (450 pp.), A German version of the above mentioned book
Berl, A Biography, Aliyah Library, 1987, 2 vol., A Russian version of the
above mentioned book
ךמסימ ,'מע 65 אובמ) ,דחואמה ץוביקה תאצוה ,ח"מלפה קוריפ דע א"מרה ירוטיפמ
.1985 ,'מע 244 ,(טרופמ יעדמ טרפאו
(The Army Controversy, 1948, Detailed Introduction + Document +
.1989 ,'מע 419,דבוע םע ,םיקפוא תיירפס ,םירקחמ תפוסא ,קפואה וק לע הכילהה
Visions in Conflict (A collection of essays)
Land and Power, The Zionist Resort to Force, 1881-1948, Oxford University
Press, New York, 1992 (450 pp.)
.'מע 560 ,1992 ביבא-לת ,דבוע םע ,הנויה ברח
(A Hebrew version of the above mentioned book)
'מע 364 ,1997 ביבא לת ,דבוע םע ,םינשי םידוהי ,םישדח םידוהי
(New Jews, Old Jews, Tel Aviv, 1997, 364 pp. - a collection of essays)
Reinharz, Shapira, (Eds.), Essential Papers on Zionism, New York University
Press, New York and London, 1996 (855 pp.)
"Black Night - White Snow: Attitudes of the Palestinian Labor Movement to
the Russian revolution, 1917-1929", Studies in Contemprary Jewry, Jonathan
Frankel (Ed.), Vol. 4, The Hebrew University and Oxford University Press,
1988, pp.144-171
"The Dynamics of Zionist Leftist trends", Jewish History, Essays in Honour of
Chimen Abramsky, Ada Rapoport-Albert and Steven J. Zipperstein (Eds.),
London, 1988, pp. 629-682
.1990 204-178 'מע ,2 ,תורפסו ,תוגה ,ןויעל ימוחת בר תע בתכ ,םייפלא ,"ץראב רוד"
("'A Native Generation', Alpaim, a Multi-disciplinary Journal, 1990, pp. 178-
"The Yishuv and the Survivors of the Holocaust", Studies in Zionism, Vol. 7,
Autumn 1986, pp. 277-301
,ץרהנייר הדוהי ,גומלא לאומש :םיכרוע ,תדו תונויצ ,"הדובעה תעונת לש םייתדה םיביטומה"
,ןוטסוב , סיידנרב תטיסרבינוא ,רבואט ןוכמ ,םילשורי ,ר"זש זכרמ ,אריפש הטינא
.327-301 'מע
The Religious Motives of the Zionist Labor Movement" (to be published soon in
(א"נשת) 'ב ,ו"נ ,ןויצ ,"וישכע הספילקופא - גרבנירג יבצ ירוא"
.192-173 'מע
"Uri Zvi Greenberg - Apocalypse Now", Zion, 1991, pp. 173-192
,1994 ,10 ,םייפלא ,"ח"שת ןורטל הרקמ :ןורכזו היפרגוירוטסה"
.41 - 9 'מע
Published in English "Hisoriography and Memory: Latrun, 1948", Jewish Social
Studies, Vol. 3, no. 1/Fall 1996, pp. 20-61
"Historiography and Politics: The Debate of the New Historians", History and
Memory, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1995, pp. 9-40
Hebrew version:
זכרמ ,ץייו םעחי ךרוע ,תינויצ היפרגוירוטסה תונש האמ ,היזיברל ןוזח ןיב ,יביטקלוק ןורכזו הקיטילופ
.345-366 'מע ,ח"נשת םילשורי ,ר"זש
,םילשוריב תירבעה הטיסרבינואה תודלות ,תירבעה הטיסרבינואהו בושיה ,הדובעה תעונת
.675-689 'מע ,ז"נשת ,סנגמ תאצוה ,םילשורי ,דה לאכימו ץ"כ לואש םיכרוע ,תולחתהו םישרוש
"The Zionist Labor Movement and the Hebrew University"
Ben Gurion and the Bible: The Forging of an Historical Narrative?
Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 33, No. 4, October 1997, pp. 645-674
The Holocaust and World War 2 as Elements of the Yishuv Psyche until 1948,
Thinking About the Holocaust, ed. Alvin H. Rosenfeld, Indiana Uni. Press.
1997, pp. 61-82

Teaching topics:
The history of the Zionist idea
Zionism and the Arabs
Political history of the Mandate
Social and cultural history of the Yishuv
Russia and Palestine: Zionism and the social revolution
The memory of the Holocaust in Jewish and Israeli society
The encounter of the Survivors with Israeli society
Myth, memory and historiography of the War of Independence
The rise and fall of the "new Jew"

Currently teaching:
New Zionists, old Zionists: Zionism in Movies and in historiography
Shoa and Tkuma - the changing role of the Holocaust in Israeli Identity

Research areas:
The history of Zionism
The social and political history of the Jewish community in Palestine
The Zionist labor movement
A biographical study of Berl Katznelson
Cultural trends in Israeli and pre-Israeli society
Zionism and the use of force

Current areas of research:
Cultural trends in Israeli society
Israeli and Jewish identity
A biography of Igal Alon
Israeli historiography

Additional points of contact:
Tel no.: Office: 972-3-6436545; 6409408
Fax no.: 972-3-6436546