Simonsohn Shlomo, Diaspora Research Institute

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):


Born Breslau, Germany, 30 October 1923. Married + 3.


1943-6 Hebrew University, Jerusalem, M.A.;
Thesis: The Latin Church in the Crusaders Kingdom of

1949-52 University College, London University, Ph.D.;
Thesis: Leone da Modena, a monograph based on
hitherto unpublished manuscripts.

*Professional and Academic positions*:

1954-7 Research Fellow, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1955-7 Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University

1957-1988 Chairman Department of Jewish History, Tel-Aviv

1958-63 Senior Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University

1961-64 Director, Central Library, Tel-Aviv University

1963-68 Associate Prof., Tel-Aviv University

1965-6 Visiting Professor, Yeshiva University, N.Y.C.

1968 - present, Professor of Jewish History, Tel-Aviv

1969 - 1992, Director, Diaspora Research Institute, Tel-
Aviv University

1969-71 Dean, School of Jewish Studies, Tel-Aviv

1971-77 Rector, Tel-Aviv University

1973-74 Chairman, Rectors and Presidents Committee,
Universities of Israel.

1977-80 Pro-Rector, Tel-Aviv University

1977-79 Visiting Professor, Yale University

1977-78 Fulbright Fellow, U.S.

1977 - present, Sir Isaac Wolfson Professor of Jewish
Studies, Tel-Aviv University

1984, 1986 Senior Associate Member St. Antony's College,
Oxford University.

1987-88 Member, Institute for Advanced Studies, Berlin

1992-93 Visiting scholar Wolfson College, Oxford

1993 - present Professor Emeritus

1993 - present Chairman Diaspora Research Institute Council,

*Other Activities and Positions*

Military service:

1942-8 Hagana

1948-9 Israel Army - regular service

1949 - present, Israel Army - reserve - infantry officer.

Combat service, War of Independence, 1956 Sinai
Campaign, Six Day War, and Yom Kippur War.

1954-56 Member "Shurat Hamitnadvim", political movement
for social and political change in Israel.

Co-Chairman of same.

1964 Recipient *Ben Zvi* Award.

1968 - present, Member Board Memorial Foundation for Jewish

1970 Co-Founder Bet Berl Teachers Training College.

1976 Commendatore al merito della Repubblica Italiana.

1970 - present, Co-founder, and member Board of Directors
Diaspora Museum.

1979 - present, Co-Chairman Israeli-Italian commission for
co-operation on History of Jews in Italy.

1980 - present, Member, Council Israel Historical Society.

1996 Recipient Shazar Award.

Teaches in the following subject areas:

(H) = Hebrew


Leone da Modena, London 1953, pp. 775.
Responsa Ziqne Yehuda, Jerusalem 1957, pp. 62+208 (H).
Clipeus et Gladius, Leonis Mutinensis Tractatus Antichristianus,
Jerusalem 1960, pp. XI + 79 (H).
History of the Jews in the Duchy of Mantua, 2 vols., Jerusalem
1962-4, pp. X + 687 (Engl. transl. 1977, pp. 17 + 902).
A Documentary History of the Jews in Italy, The Jews in the Duchy
of Milan, 4 vols., Israel National Academy of Sciences, Jerusalem,
1982-86, pp. LXIX + 3153.
The Apostolic See and the Jews, 8 vols., Pontifical Institute of
Mediaeval Studies, Toronto 1988-91, pp. LXI + 3592 (Hebr. trans.
1994, pp. 579).

Papers and other Publications:
Several hundred articles in learned journals, papers read at
conferences, text books and teaching manuals, edition of
periodicals and series. The latter include: MICHAEL, ET-MOL,

Teaches the following courses in the current academic year:

Supervision of PhD theses.

Areas of current research interest:

History of the Jews in Italy: The Jews in

Additional points of contact (office/home telephone,fax,etc.):

Office phone: 972-3-6409676
Office fax: 972-3-6422274

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