Nasir Basal, Arabic & History of The Middle East

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):

Place Of Birth: Kufir Yasif, West Galilee
Date Of Birth: 12\04\1953
Nationality: Israeli
Religion: Christian, Greek Orthodox
Marital Status: Married
No. Of Children: 3


1972-75 The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Subject: Arabic, Hebrew Language. Degree: B.A. (1976)

1983-1992 Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan. Subject: Hebrew Language. Degree: Ph.D. Direct Trend (1994)


Arabic, Hebrew, English - Fluent in speaking, reading and writing.

German - Good command of written language (with aid of dictionary).

Academic & Professional Experience

1988-94 - Tel-Aviv University , Hebrew Language, Arabic Teacher

1989 - Levinski College Tel-Aviv, Hebrew, Arabic, Teacher

1995 - Tel-Aviv University, Arabic, History of the Middle East, Lecturer (Academic senior staff)
1996 - Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew Language, Lecturer (Academic senior staff

M.A. Students

Leron Khelio-Cohen - "Kita:b al-Muwa:zana by IsHaq Ben-Baru:n - A Critical Edition", Arabic Dept., Tel-Aviv University (in collaboration with Dr. Naphtali Kinberg).

Esther Gamliel - "Grammatical Elements in Kita:b Ja:miĎ al-Alfa:Z by Dawi:d Ben Abraha:m al-Fa:si", Hebrew Language Dept., Bar-Ilan University.

Active Participation In Scientific Meetings

1989 - " Books & Libraries in the East During The Middle Ages " Ben-Zvi Institute & The Hebrew University

1994 - " Linguistic Thinking in Hebrew Grammar During The Middle Ages " Tel-Aviv University

1995 - " The Hebrew Grammar During The Middle Ages " The Institute of Progressive Studies - The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Major publications (books and major articles):

1. Ph.D Thesis

The Grammatical Theory Of Rabbi Judah Hayyu:j, Submitted to the Senate of Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan (1992). [Heb.]

2. Articles

"Kita:b al-Nutaf and the Supplementation of Judah Hayyu:jís Grammar," TeĎuda IX - Studies in Hebrew Language in Memory of Eliezer Rubinstein (1995), pp. 131-142. [Heb.]

"From the Earliest Buds of Sephardi Biblical Exegesis - Fragments of the Commentary of 1 Samuel by Judah Hayyu:j, PeĎamim 68 (1996), pp. 68-78. [Heb.]

"Syntax in Kita:b al-Nutaf by Judah Hayy:uj" - accepted for publication in forthcoming collection of articles, dealing with Hebrew, Arabic and Judeo-Arabic, Haifa University [Heb.]

"Excerpts from the Abridgement (al-MukhtaSar) of Kita:b al-Ka:fi: by Abu: al-Faraj Ha:ru:n in Arabic Script" - forthcoming in Israel Oriental Studies.

"The Understanding of Hebrew under the Shadow of Arabic Grammar in the Middle Ages - The Concept of Compensation in Hayyu:jís Grammatical Theory in Comparison with Si:bawayhi" - sent for publication.

3. Articles in Preparation :

"The Transcription of The Hebrew Bible Text in Arabic Characters in the Arabic Version of Kita:b al-Ka:fi: by Abu al-Faraj Ha:ru:n".

"Composing a Hebrew Grammar under the shadow of Arabic Grammar in the Middle Ages" (almost ready).

4. Book:

Kita:b al-Nutaf by Rabbi Judah Hayyu:j, Critical Edition. (350 pages) [in press].

Teaches in the following subject areas:

Judeo-Arabic, Literature, Comparison between Languages in the Middle Ages, Islamic Civilization.

Teaches the following courses in the current academic year:

B.A. Courses:
1. Judeo-Arabic Literature (Seminar).
2. Syria & Palestine As Described in Arabic Geographic Textbooks
3. Everyday Life in Medieval Islamic Society as Portrayed in A Selection of Arabic Compositions and Judeo-Arabic Documents (Seminar).

M.A. Courses: Through Jewish Eyes: Comparing Hebrew With Arabic in The Middle Ages (Seminar)

Additional points of contact (office/home telephone,fax,etc.):

Home Address:
3/25 Albert Kyoso St.
Jaffa-Tel-Aviv - 68134

(Home) 972-3-518-2261
(Office) 972-3-6409708

Fax: 972-3-6409457

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