Goldreich Amos, Dept. of Hebrew Literature and Jewish Philosophy

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):

Born 1944 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Was an IDF officer. Married 1973, two children.
M.A. (summa cum laude) in Hebrew Literature, Tel Aviv University, 1972.
Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in Jewish thought, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, 1982 (Thesis supervisor: Prof. Gershom Scholem.

Major publications (books and major articles):

Explanatory notes on Brenner's Shekhol ve-Kishalon, Am Oved, Tel Aviv 1972; Sefer Meirat Einayim by R. Isaac of Acre, a Critical Edition, 1984; "Possible Arabic Sources of the Distinction between 'Duties of the Heart' and 'Duties of the Limbs", in: Tecudah 6, (1988); "An Unknown Treatise on Suffering by Abu al-Qasim al-Kirmani", in: Shlomo Pines Jubilee Volume, 1988; "The Mystical Self-Image of the Author of Tiqqune ha-Zohar", in: Michal Oron and A. Goldreich (eds.) Massu'ot, (Ephraim Gottlieb Memorial Volume), 1993; An Unknown Hebrew Treatise by the Author of Tiqqune ha-Zohar, The Bialik Institute Press, Jerusalem (in print); An Unknown Eleventh Century "Adab" Treatise in Judeo-Arabic ( forthcoming).

Teaches in the following subject areas:

Jewish Mystical Literature, Kabbalah, Hebrew Literature, Jewish Thought.

Teaches the following courses in the current academic year:

Readint Kabbalistic Texts; Mystical, Homeletic, and Literary Aspects of the Zohar; Explorations into Tiqqune ha-Zohar.

Areas of current research interest:

Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism, Jewish Thought, Jewish Theology, Zohar (=Book of Splendor), Judeo-Arabic, Medieval Jewiah Philosophy, Sufism, Muslim Theology, Adab, Conflict between Haskalah (=Jewish Enllightment) and Hasidism, Links between Jewish and Muslim Cultures.

Additional points of contact (office/home telephone,fax,etc.):

Tel. 02-6424796 (972-2-6424796) (home).
Home Address: 16 Bayit ve-Gan Street, Jerusalem, Israel.