Erder Yoram, Department of Jewish History

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):

Born in Tel Aviv 12 october 1952

Army Service 1970-1974


1974-1977 Department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University, B.A (Magna cum Lauda)
1979-1981 Department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University, M.A (Summa cum Laude)
1984-1989 Department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University, Ph.D.

Rothshield fellowship in 1983
Alon fellowship in 1990-1993

Academic Experience
1990-1995 Lecturer in the Department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University
Since 1996 Senior Lecturer

Major publications (books and major articles):


The Origin of the Name Idris in the Qur'an: a Study of the Influence of Qumran Literature on Early Islam, Journal of Near Eastern Studies ,49, 1990 (pp. 339-350)

The First Date in Megillat Ta`anit in Light of the Karaite Commentary on the Tabernacle Dedication, The Jewish Quarterly Review, 82, 1992 (pp.263-283)

The Karaites' Sadducee Dilemma, Israel Oriental Studies, 14, 1994 (pp.195-226)

Early Karaite Conceptions About Commandments Given Before the Revelation of the Torah, Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research 60, 1994 (pp. 101-140)

Teaches in the following subject areas:

The Encounter between Judaism and Islam in the Gaonic Period.
The Karaite Movement in its Early Stages.
Karaism and Qumran.
The History of Palestine during the First Muslim Perio.

Teaches the following courses in the current academic year:

1. The History of Palestine During the First Muslim Period (634-1099)
2. The History of Jerusalem from 638 until 1260
3. The First Encounter Between Judaism and Islam
4. The History of the Jewish Community in Babylonia in the Gaonic Period

Additional points of contact (office/home telephone,fax,etc.):

Fax 972 3 6407031