Amit Yairah, Department of Bible

Short Curriculum Vitae (highlights):

Date of Birth: October 10, 1941
Place of Birth: Tel Aviv, Israel
Marital Status: Married, 4 children

1959-61 - Levinsky College (IDF) Teaching Certificate for Elementary and Junior High Schools
1961-64 - Hebrew University of Jerusalem - B.A. in Bible and History of the Jewish People
1965 - Hebrew University of Jerusalem- Teaching Certificate for Bible and History
1966-73 - Hebrew University of Jerusalem - M.A. in Bible
1978-84 - Tel-Aviv University - Studies towards the Ph.D in Bible and Literary Theory
1985 - Received Ph.D.

Subject of Doctoral Dissertation: The Art of Composition in the Book of Judges Thesis Advisor: Prof. Meir Sternberg

Academic and Professional Experience
1970--- - Tel-Aviv University - teaching in Department of Bible
1979--- - Teacher and Coordinator of Training Program for Teachers of Bible at the School of Education at TAU
1985 - Granted Lecturer (TAU)
1985 - Visiting Lecturer at Cambridge (England, one semester)
1989 - Granted Senior Lecturer (TAU)
1989 - Visiting lecturer and superviser at Shazar College for Education and Judaism, Buenos Aires (one semester)
1990 - Visiting lecturer and superviser at Teacher's Seminar of the Jewish Community of Mexico, Mexico City (one semester)
1992-96 - Head of Department of Bible at TAU
1995 - Named Associate Professor

1970-1996 - Central Teacher Training Institute (Tel-Aviv branch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem): teacher in the Bible Department (parallel to rank at TAU)
1988-96 - Chairperson of Bible Department at Central Teacher Training Institute

1989-90 - Lecturer at the Seminary for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

1991-96 - Head of the Senior Professional Committee for the Teaching of Bible at the Ministry of Education and Culture

Major publications (books and major articles):

1. The Book of Judges - The Art of Editing, Bialik Institute and TAU School of Jewish
Studies, Jerusalem, 1992 [Heb]
2. History and Ideology in the Bible, University On-Air, Israel, 1997 [Hebrew]

Selected Articles
1. The dual Causality Principle and Its Effects on Biblical Literature, Vetus testamentum 37 (1987),
2. The multi-Purpose 'Leading Word' and the Problems of Its Usage, Prooftexts 9 (1989), 99-114
3. Hidden Polemic in the Conquest of Dan: Judges XVII-XVIII, Vetus Testamentum 40 (1990), 4-20
4. The Glory of Israel does not Deceive or Change His Mind: on the Reliability of Narrator and
Speakers in Biblical Narrative
5. Implicit Reduction and Latent Polemic in the Story of the Rape of Dinah, Texts, Temples and
Tradition - A Tribute to Menahem Haran, Edited by M.V. Fox, V.A. Hurowitz, A. Hurvitz, M.L.
Klein, B.J. Schwartz and N. Shupak, Eisenbrauns, Indiana, 1996, 11*-28* [Heb]
6. "Creation and the Calender of Holiness", Tehillah-le-Moshe: Biblical and Yudaic Studies in Honor of Moshe Greenberg, Edited by: M. Cogan, B.L. Eichler, Y.H. Tigay, Indiana, 1987, pp. 13*-30*.

Teaches in the following subject areas:

Biblical Historiography
The art of Biblical narrative
Editing in the Bible
Biblical Ideology
Biblical Genres

Teaches the following courses in the current academic year:

The Art of Biblical Narrative
History, Story and Ideology
Teaching Biblical Literature

Additional points of contact (office/home telephone,fax,etc.):

7 Chemerinsky St. Tel-Aviv, Israel (69351),
Tel: 972-3-6492770;
Fax: 972-3-6492827

University: TAU
Tel: 972-3-6409422 (Bible Dep.); 972-3-6408460 (Education)
Fax: 972-3-6407031 (School of Jewish Studies)
972-3-6409477 (School of Education)

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