Anbessa Teferra
Anbessa teferra
Born: 1962, Yirba (Sidaama), Ethiopia
Immigrated to Israel: 1990

Married + 2 Children (Jared and Hanoch)

Academic Qualifications:

Working experience: Courses taught:
Introduction to Language and Linguistics, General Phonetics and Phonology, Amharic for Beginners, Advanced Amharic, Sidaama for Beginners,  Sidaama for Advanced Students, Topics in the Morphology and Syntax of Ethiopian Langauges.


Dinner with Amharic class at an Ethiopian restaurant in Tel-Aviv (2007)

Fields of interest:
The Structure of Amharic, Linguistic Analysis of Sidaama, Cushitic Linguistics, Hebrew-Amharic Lexicography, Phonetics and Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Text Translation.



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    Was advisor and also contributor in preparation of various books on Amharic such as Amharic for Beginners and Advanced Students, Folktales of Ethiopian Jews, Amharic Songs, etc.

    Address: Dr. Anbessa Teferra, Dept. of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel
    Home:  P.O.Box 76, Hadera 38100, Israel.

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