Characteristics of Intonation Unit Boundaries in Spontaneous Spoken Hebrew — Perception and Acoustic Correlates

Noam Amir, Vered Silber-Varod & Shlomo Izre'el

Speech Prosody 2004, Nara, Japan, 23-26 March, 2004

Textual Sample
S = English sh
c = affricate ts
x = ch as in Loch
y  as in English
: = length
(...) uncertain hearing
- = truncated word
-- = truncated intonation unit

IUs excluded from the analytical statistics are marked by parenthesized numbers

Transcription is, mutatis mutandis, morphophonemic and conforms in many details to the common standard of transcribing Hebrew by non-linguists.

For the sound sample click here.

1      ve:mm
        and=e:mm                                                                        and em
(2)   eldad hexlit Sehu lo mvater
        Eldad decided that=he not give-up                                  Eldad decided that he wouldn't give up.
3      eyze yom exad
        some day one                                                                   One day
4      hitxil lehitvakeax im hakartisanit
        he-started to=argue with the=cashier                              he started to argue with the cashier
(5)   Sehu e: ze
        that=he e: this                                                                  that he ...
6      vejadanu et hamexir Sel hamekomiyim
        and=we-knew acc. the=price of the=locals                     — we had known the price for the local people —
7      hitxil lehitvakeax im hakartisanit
        he-started to=argue with the=cashier                              he started to argue with the cashier:
8      lo lo lo lo lo lo l-
        no no no no no no n-                                                       "No no no no no no n-".
9      amarnu na'ase kombina
        we-said we-will-do stratagem                                         We said, "Let us plot an intrigue."
10    nexake
        we-will-wait                                                                    We shall wait
11    baxuts
        outside                                                                             outside
12    Sel hataxana merkazit
        of the=station central                                                       the central bus station.
(13) amar yeS kviS giS- --
       he-said there-is road acc-                                                  He said, "there is an acc(ess) road
(14) (hi ha'ayara nora) ktana
       (she the=town very) small                                                — the town is very small —
15   yeS kviS giSa vekviS yeci'a
       there-is road access and=road exit                                    there is an access road and there is an exit road.
16   nexake bayeci'a Sel hakviS giSa
       we-will-wait in=the=exit of the=road access                   We shall wait at the exit of the access road,
17   Sel hakviS yeci'a mehataxana merkazit
       of the=road exit from=the=station central                        of the road going out of the central bus station.
18   hu pone yamina
       he turn right                                                                      He turns right,
19   nexake lo axarey haze
       we-will-wait to=him after the=this                                  we shall wait for him a little behind the ...
20   nagid lo acor
       we-will-say to=him stop,                                                 we will tell him "stop!"
21   vena'ale
       and=we-will-go-up                                                           and climb (the bus),
22   ve'az kvar lo yihye lo brera
       and=then already not will-be to=him choice                    and then he won't have a choice,
23   ma ixpat lo
       what care to=him                                                              — what would he care —
(--         Interlocutor: ken "Yes")
24   ya'ale otanu bamexir Sel ze
       he-will-put-up us in=the=price of this                             he will allow us in at the price of ...
25   xameS baboker kamnu
       five in=the=morning we-got-up                                       At five o'clock in the morning we got up,
26   higanu laze im hatikim
       we-arrived to=the=this with the=bags                             we arrived there with the bags,
27   im haze
       with the=this                                                                     with the...
28   omdim baxuc
       stand(pl.) outside                                                              we wait outside,
29   haya Sam eyze ma'afiya
       there-was there some bakery                                            there was a bakery there,
(30) xi- --
31   nixnasnu lama'afiya
       we-entered to=the=bakery                                                we entered the bakery,
32   a- axalnu kcat veze
       w- we-ate little and=this                                                   w- we ate a little and so on,
33   pitom hu omer li
       suddenly he say to-me                                                      Suddenly he tells me,
34   hine hine ha'otobus yoce
       there there the=bus he-go-out                                           Look, look, the bus is leaving!
35   hitxalnu
       we-started                                                                         We started,
36   anaxnu
       we                                                                                     we
37   yocim haxuca
       go-out outside                                                                   go outside,
(38) bimkom lifnot lakivun Se'anaxnu (tixnannu)
                                            <overlapping laughter>
       instead to=turn to=the=direction that=we (planned)        instead of going in the direction we thought of,
39   hu yaca micad Seni
       he went-out from-side other                                             he left of the other side.
40   dafaknu ota
       we-knocked it                                                                   We screwed it.
41   veyeS pa'am beyom et ha'otobus
       and=there-is once in=day acc. the=bus                            There is a bus (only) once a day.
42   dafaknu rica axarav
      we-knocked run after=him                                                We gave a sprint to catch it,
43   Sum davar lo ze
      none thing not this                                                             nothing ...
44  niSarnu kol hayom beze
      we-stayed all the=day in=this                                            We stayed all day in the ...
45  hayinu baSuk
      we-were in=the=market                                                    we visited the market,
(46) hayinu  (beze)
       we-were (in=this)                                                             we visited ...,
47   sixaknu bilyard Sam barxov
      we-played billiards there in=the=street                             we played billiards in the street,
48  harey yeS Sama
      after-all there-is there                                                        — they have there
49  tarbut bilyard kaze barxov
      culture billiards like=this in=the=street                            street culture of playing billiards,
50  maSehu
      something                                                                          amazing! —
51  kol miney Sulxanot ma'afenim ka'ele
      all kinds-of tables wretched                                               All kinds of wretched tables.
52  sixaknu bilyard
      we-played billiards                                                            We played billiards,
53  (saxavnu) ze
      (we-carried) this                                                                we carried ...
54  lemaxarat alinu al amexir
      the-following-day we-went-up on the=price                    On the following day we took (the bus) for the same price
(--  e: Sehem racu ba- <laughter>)
      (e that=they wanted in=the=)                                           (they wanted on the --)