Baruch Podolsky
Baruch Podolsky's photo
Born: 1940, Moscow, Russia
Immigrated to Israel: 1971


Working experience: Took part in numerous international congresses and conferences. Member of the editorial board of Israel Oriental Studies.

Courses taught:
Amharic, Ge'ez, Syriac, The Structure of Hindi, Introduction to Semitic Linguistics (Phonology and Morphology), Phonetics, Problems in Semitic Morphophonemics, Genetic and Typological Classification of Languages, Scripts and Languages in the Near East, Introduction to Lexicography, Phonology and Morphology of Modern Hebrew, Substrata of Modern Hebrew.

Fields of interest:
Comparative linguistics, etymology, lexicography, history of writing, Nostratic linguistics, phonology and morphophonemics of Semitic languages, the structure of Modern Hebrew, Indian, Dravidian, Sino-Tibetan and American Indian languages.

Major publications:


Papers: Edited some 30 books, translated into Russian and Hebrew.

Address: Dr. B. Podolsky, Dept. of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel
Home: 2 Goldstein St., 58495 Holon, Israel.

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