Prof. Zvi TauberHebrew Version

Phone (home):03-6415839

Phone(office): 03-6409492


Education: Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University.

Academic Interests: History of Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Hegel, Heine Marx, Freud, Frankfurt School.

Current Research: Heinrich Heine as a Young-Hegelian, The Relevance of Marx Today, Friedrich Schiller's Concept of Aesthetic Education.

Courses Taught: Introduction to Modern Philosophy, Introduction to Political Philosophy, Hegel's Philosophy of Right, Marx' Concept of Man, Aesthetics and Politics, Freudian Marxism.

Selected Publications:

1). The Dilemma of a Revolutionary Artist - Art and Communism in the Works of Heinrich Heine (Heb.), 1987.

2) Herbert Marcuse - Auschwitz und MyLai? (H.Marcuse - Auschwitz and MyLai?) in- D.Diner (Hrsg.), Zivilisationsbruch, Denken nach Auschwitz; Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt/M, 1988, S. 88-98, 269-273.

3. Violence and Tolerance [eds.Z.Rosen, Z.Tauber] (Heb.), 1989.

4. Rousseau [Robespierre, Babeuf] and the Problem of Human Emancipation, (Heb.), 1989.

5. Revolutionary Theory and Praxis in the Works of H.Heine, (Heb.), 1989.

6. A Critique of Identifying the "End of History" with Established Capitalistic Reality - Hegel and the Justification of Capitalism, (Heb.), 1990.

7. The Call for Liberation as "Absurdity" - Problems in H.Marcuse's Concept of Human Emancipation, (Heb.), 1993.

8. Marcuse and Feminism in One-Dimensional Society, (Heb.), 1993/4.

9) Befreiung und das "Absurde". Studien zur Emanzipation des Menschen bei Herbert Marcuse (Liberation and "Absurdity". Studies on Human Emancipation in the Works of Herbert Marcuse); Bleicher Verlag, Gerlingen, 248 S., 1994.

10) Philosophical and Historical Remarks Concerning Coexistence; in- U.Klein, C.Sigrist (eds.), Prospects of Israeli-Palestinian Co-Existence; C.Sigrist [ed.], Cultural Identity and Political Self-Identity , Vol.2; LIT-Verlag, M?nster, 1996, pp. 1-17.