Prof. Ben-Ami Scharfstein

Phone (home): 03-5469552, 03-5445304


Academic degrees: B.A. Brooklyn College, M.A. Harvard University, Ph.D. Columbia University

Academic interests: history of philosophy, aesthetics, comparative philosophy, comparative culture

Courses most often taught: introduction to philosophy, history of philosophy, aesthetics, comparative philosophy

Main publications: The Artist in World Art (Hebrew, 1970), Mystical Experience (Hebrew, 1972; English, 1973; Dutch, 1987), The Mind of China (English, 1972; Hebrew, 1972) Philosophy East / Philosophy West (with four collaborators) (Hebrew, 1978; English, 1978), The Philosophers (English, 1980; Hebrew, 1984; Spanish, 1984), Of Birds, Beasts, and Other Artists (English, 1988; Hebrew, 1989), The Dilemma of Context (English, 1989), Ineffability (English, 1993), Amoral Politics (English, 1995), A Comparative History of World Philosophy (English, 1998).