Pragmatics & Cognition is an interdisciplinary journal seeking to bring together such disciplines as philosophy, linguistics, semiotics, cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, ethology, and cognitive anthropology, among others.

The journal seeks to explore relations of all sorts between semiotic systems as used by humans, animals and machines, in connection with mental activities: logical and causal dependence; condition of acquisition, development of loss; modeling, simulation of formalization, shared or separate biological and neurological bases; social and cultural variation; aesthetic expression; historical development; etc. Pragmatics & Cognition's basic assumption is that the proper understanding of mental life and inter-personal relations requires an intensive and thoughtful exchange of views across disciplines.

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Vol. 5. 1997 2 issues; ca. 400 pp.
Hfl. 240,-- (incl. postage/handling)
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Vols. 1-4 (1993-1996) Each: Hfl. 210,--
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ISSN 0929-0907

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