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Tal Gluck Mediterranean photos exhibition

Institut Catalá de la Mediterránia d'Estudis I Cooperacio

This Internet site, belonging to the ICM, includes information in four major areas: art and culture; Mediterranean cooperation; ways of life and human movement within the Mediterranean. The site provides information about courses, conferences, publications and an excellent list of links to other sites all over Spain and the Mediterranean.

Incontri Mediterranei

This site (in Italian only) provides information concerning issues such as high technology, cultural and academic cooperation, poetry, literature and languages around the Mediterranean. The site also includes a list of useful links.


An Internet Virtual library network for the Mediterranean area.

University of Bristol Center for Mediterranean Studies

This Internet site includes information of the Center's programs, which touch on issues such as democratization, small businesses, environment and local studies (Catalan, Balkan and others). All these programs are conducted from a comparative, across Mediterranean point of view. The site has a good list of links.

Centro Studi Mediterranei

The CESUMED site is concerned with political, economic and cultural cooperation between Italy, other Mediterranean countries and Arab countries. The site is in Italian.

The Internet Classics Archive

441 classical works, mainly Greco-Roman, but also Chinese and Persian. Excellent list of links to other sites of classic studies.

Conference Francaise des Universites de l'Arc Mediterraneen

University links in French.

The Peresus Project

A digital library for the Ancient world. Sources on art, archeology, history and information about publications.

Online Medieval and Classical library

A collection of some of the most important works of the Classical and Medieval civilizations. Including links to other libraries and related sites.

Classic and Medieval Archeology

The site contains links of interest to classicisits and Mediterranean archeologists.

The Mediterranean Artists' Gallery

Information about painters, sculptures and up coming artists. The site includes photos of the paintings themselves as well as information about exhibitions.

The Mediterranean Festival

A festival held in Italy for the past 10 years, promoting cultural cooperation of different artists of the Mediterranean cultures.

Mediterranean Politics

A site of the Mediterranean Politics published by Frank Cass, where issues of the journal - dealing with politics in the entire Mediterranean are - can be viewed and ordered.

Mediterranean culture

A web site concerned with issues of culture, music and religion around the Mediterranean. Provides a good list of further links on each topic.


A site concerned with cultural exchanges across the Mediterranean. The site is written in French.

Late antiquity in the Mediterranean

A guide to online resources for the years AD 284-632 around the Mediterranean.

Roman History useful links

A list of useful links of institutions involved in research of Roman History as well as information concerning a verity of issues such as Roman government, culture, art and architecture.

The Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Books, sources and videos, as well as news letters concerning research projects of the Ancient Mediterranean.

University of Berkeley

Graduate program in Ancient history and Mediterranean Architecture

Mediterranean Quarterly

The site provides the possibility to look over issues published and order them.

Association Palégraphique International

The site holds information regarding ancient and medieval scripts, forms of writing during those periods and the people and institutions connected to making, using and keeping those texts (the site is both in English and French).

The Ancient Greek World

Land, time, economy, religion and daily life in Ancient Greece.

School of Humanities at the Al Akhawayn University, Morocco

School of Humanities and culture at the Al Akhawayn University at Ifrane.

Call for Workshops - Third Mediterranean Social and Political Research Meeting. Florence, March, 20 - 24, 2002. The focus of the Mediterranean Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies is on the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) (in particular the MENA countries on the Mediterranean Sea) and on the interactions between the MENA and Europe. The Mediterranean Programme encourages workshops to be comparative and multi-disciplinary

The Internet site of Givat Haviva.

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