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Tel Aviv Occasional Publications Series

No. 1, 1993
kinattutu ša darati: Raphael Kutscher Memorial Volume

No. 2, 1997
Studies in the Iron Age Pottery of Israel:
Typological, Archaeological and Chronological Aspects
Orna Zimhoni

No. 3, 2000
Imagery and Representation:
Studies in the Art and Iconography of Ancient Palestine: Collected Articles
Pirhiya Beck
Editors: Nadav Na'aman, Uza Zevulun and Irit Ziffer

No. 4, 2005
The Alphabet at the Turn of the Millennium: The West Semitic Alphabet ca. 1150–850 BCE. The Antiquity of the Arabian, Greek and Phrygian Alphabets
Benjamin Sass

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