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Prof. Avi Gopher Prof. Avi Gopher Co-Director of Excavation @-mail
Dr. Ran Barkai Dr. Ran Barkai Co-Director of Excavation @-mail
Ron Shimelmitz Ron Shimelmitz PhD Candidate, Lithic Analysis.
PhD Topic: "Lithic Blade Production in the Pre-historic Levant: Technological and Social Aspects".
Lior Landenberg Lior Landenberg MA Candidate, Lithic Analysis.
MA Topic: "'Cores on Flakes' from Qesem Cave".
Zohar Lev Zohar Lev MA Candidate, Lithic Analysis.
MA Topic: "Techno-Typological Analysis of a Yabrudian Assemblage from Qesem Cave".
Noa Lavi Noa Lavi Lithic Analysis
Prof. Israel Hershkovitz Prof. Israel Hershkovitz Study of Human Remains @-mail
Dr. Mary C. Stiner Dr. Mary C. Stiner Faunal Remains @-mail
Dr. Cristina Lemorini Dr. Cristina Lemorini Use Wear Signs on Flint Tools @-mail
Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross Sediments and Stratigraphy @-mail
Dr. Panagiotis Karkanas Dr. Panagiotis Karkanas Sediments and Stratigraphy
Prof. Amos Frumkin Prof. Amos Frumkin Speliology and Geology @-mail
Dr. Mira Bar-Matthews Dr. Mira Bar-Matthews Climate, The Environment and Uranium Series Dates @-mail
Dr. Avner Ayalon Dr. Avner Ayalon Climate, The Environment and Uranium Series Dates @-mail
Dr. Josep M. Pares Dr. Josep M. Pares Plaeomagnetism and Stratigraphic Aspects @-mail
Dr. Helene Valladas Dr. Helene Valladas TL and ESR dates @-mail
Dr. Norbert Mercier Dr. Norbert Mercier TL and ESR Dates @-mail
Christoph Falgure TL and ESR Dates
Dr. Elisabetta Boaretto Dr. Elisabetta Boaretto Flint Procurement Strategies @-mail
Prof. Steve Weiner Prof. Steve Weiner Flint Procurement Strategies @-mail
Dr. Lutz C. Maul Dr. Lutz C. Maul Microfauna @-mail