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Scientific Projects:

Lithic Analysis

Lithic Use-Wear Studies

Faunal Analysis

Micromammal Studies

Dating Techniques

Speliology and Cave Geology

Geoarchaeology / Formation Processes

Isotopic Studies
of Lithic Procurement Strategies

Climatic and Environmental Studies



Dating Techniques

Samples for U/Th dating were extracted from speleothems in the eastern section within the archaeological horizons at the upper part of the cave. 230Th/234U dates were measured by thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS) at the U-series laboratory of Bergen University. The major Acheuleo-Yabrudian occupations of the cave began before 382 kyr, probably during oxygen isotope stage 11. Hominid occupations of the cave ceased before 152 kyr BP. Between ca. 382 and 207 kyr, hominid occupations could have taken place coeval with speleothem deposition, or during drier intervening periods.