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Greenberg, R. and Paz, S. 2004. An EB IA–EB III Stratigraphic Sequence from the 1946 Excavations at Tel Beth Yerah. Israel Exploration Journal 54: 1–23.

Paz, S. 2009. A Home Away from Home? The Settlement of Early Transcaucasian Migrants at Tel Bet Yerah. Tel Aviv 36: 196-216.

David Wengrow. Exploring Connections: A New Fieldwork Collaboration at Tel Bet Yerah (Khirbet el-Kerak). Archaeology International 12 (2008-2009): 31-35.

R. Greenberg, D. Wengrow and S. Paz. Cosmetic Connections? An Egyptian Relief Carving from Early Bronze Age Tel Bet Yerah ( Israel ). Antiquity (Project Gallery) Issue 324, Vol 84 (2010).

R. Greenberg and S. Paz. Tel Bet Yerah 2007, 2009: Preliminary Report. Hadashot Arkheologiyot: Excavations and Surveys in Israel 122 (2010) =.

M. Iserlis, R. Greenberg, R. Badalyan and Y. Goren. Bet Yerah, Aparan III and Karnut I: Preliminary Observations on Kura-Araxes Homeland and Diaspora Ceramic Technologies. TUBA - Ar 13 (2010): 245-262.

Oren Ackerman, Rafi Greenberg, Dalit Gasul, Sarit Paz, Michael Azbend, Nir Cohen, Hanoch Lavi, Yair Sapir 2011. Sustainable Development of Tel Bet Yerah and its Integration in the Landscape and Tourist Infrastructure of the Southwest Kinneret. Unpublished Research Report, KKL-JNF.

Greenberg, R. 2011. Life In the City: Tel Bet Yerah in the Early Bronze Age. In: Chesson, M.S. ed. Daily Life, Materiality, and Complexity in Early Urban Communities of the Southern Levant - Papers in Honor of Walter E. Rast and R. Thomas Schaub . Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns. Pp. 41-54.

Greenberg, R., and Paz, S. 2011. The Streets of Bet Yerah. Eretz-Israel 30 (Amnon Ben-Tor Volume): 156-164. (Hebrew).

S. Paz forthcoming (2012). Changing Households at the Rise of Urbanism: The EB III Transition at Tel Bet Yerah. In: Parker, B. J. and Foster, C. P. (eds.). New Perspectives in Household Archaeology . Winnona Lake, IL: Eisenbrauns. 

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