Tel Bet Yerah Research and Excavations Project

TBYREP fosters close relations with the communities of the Kinrot Valley. Members of the Bet Yerah High School and of nearby kibbutzim have contributed to the excavations in many ways over the years, and tours for local enthusiasts are conducted during each excavation season. A multi-disciplinary collaboration with the Kinneret Academic College, sponsored by KKL-JNF, has produced a foundation document on the sustainable development of Tel Bet Yerah (Hebrew), and efforts are now underway to further the conservation and development of several points of historical and archaeological interest on the mound and in its immediate environs. Partners in this effort include Ohalo Manor and Kevutzat Kinneret, the Israel Antiquities Authority and its Conservation Department, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Kinneret Authority, and the Jordan Valley Regional Council.

Excavating Bet Yerah
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Tel Bet Yerah Research and Excavations Project