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History of Research and Excavations
   Modern archaeological research on the mound began in the early 1920s, when E.L. Sukenik examined finds from the section of the old Samak-Tiberias road that traversed the mound along its entire length. At about the same time W.F. Albright conducted his own investigation of the site; he was the first to identify and define the pottery known as Khirbet Kerak Ware. The first archaeological excavation was conducted in 1933, when the modern Samak (Zemah)-Tiberias highway was constructed. Over the next seventy years some twenty excavation licenses were issued for Tel Bet Yerah and approximately 15,000 square meters were excavated, most of them in Early Bronze Age strata. In the summer of 2003 TBYREP renewed excavations in the northern part of the site, with a pilot excavation in the Granary.

Palestine Post, 1945
Palestine Post, 1945
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Tel Bet Yerah Research and Excavations Project