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International Women's Club English Lecture Series

The longest-running archaeology course in the world. That's how the Tuesday morning English-language archaeology lectures have been referred to. For over 45 years, Tel Aviv University, Institute and Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures have been offering a course in the Archaeology of Israel to a mixed group of diplomats' wives, members of the International Women's Club and local men and women who wish to listen to lectures in English. Initiated in the mid-1960s when a group of diplomats' wives approached Itzhaq Beit-Arieh, who agreed to organize the series, it subsequently developed a life of its own. And now, some 120 people register each semester and arrive at the doors of the Gilman Building each Tuesday morning at 9:00 to listen to lectures by the very best of the local archaeological community, as well as visiting scholars and archaeologists who regularly share their vast knowledge and experience with members of the group. The series parallels the academic year and in addition to the lectures there are regular field trips to numerous places throughout the country.

Each semester has a theme, the most recent have been:
Prehistory of Israel
The Archaeology of Jerusalem and Its Environs
Archaeology - Across the Boundaries of Time and Place
Seafaring, Maritime Trade and Ancient Cultures in the Mediterranean Sea
Biblical Archaeology - Jerusalem and Judea
Biblical Archaeology - Israel and the North
The Jordan Valley
Northern Israel
Southern Israel
The Coastal Plain
Recent Discoveries in the Archaeology of Israel
Jerusalem Perspectives: Jewish, Christian, Muslim
Archaeology of Tel Aviv and Its vicinity

Registration takes place during the first two Tuesdays of each academic semester

For details, contact: Sara Lev Shachar at 03-6409417 or Heeli Schechter at

We look forward to seeing you at our lectures!

2012 Spring Semester: Peoples of the Ancient Near East

6/03: Prof. Jacob Klein

The Mesopotamian King and His Mother

After the lecture we will have a toast for the new semester with the students of the International Program at room 204 and the main Archaeology hallway

13/03: Dr. Jonathan Ben-Dov

Astronomy, Astrology and Calendars: From the Cuneiform Culture to Judea

20/03: Dr. Josef Nagar

Who Are We? - The Stories of the Populations of Israel

27/03: Mr. Omer Sergi

Aram and the Formation of Israel and Judah

3/04: Prof. Oded Lipschits

Judah under Babylonian Rule and the Birth of Judaism

17/04: Dr. Dan'el Kahn

The Black Pharaohs: Egypt’s 25th Dynasty

24/04: Mrs. Shirly Ben-Dor Evian

Continuity and Change in Ancient Egyptian History

1/05: Dr. Oded Tamuz

Disintegration from Above: A Case Study on the History of Southern Phoenicia and Philistia

8/05: Prof. Jak Yakar

Reconstructing the Social Frameworks of Farmers and Pastoralists in Neolithic Anatolian Society

15/05: Mr. Ilan Peled

The Hittites: A Fascinating and Unique Culture in the Ancient Near East

22/05: Dr. Yoram Cohen

How the World Was Created: The Babylonian Myth Enuma-Elish

29/05: Prof. Jonathan Price

Voices in Stone: Ancient History from Ancient Inscriptions

05/06: Dr. Amir Golani

Jewelry and the Jewelers' craft during the Iron Age

12/06: Dr. Erez Ben Yosef

King Solomon’s Mines? New Research of Iron Age Copper Production in the Arabah Valley

19/06: Ms. Keren Ras

The ''Woman at the Window'' in Iconography, Biblical Literature and Material Culture from Ramat Rahel

Lectures: 9am - 11:30am with a half-hour break

Place: Gilman Building, Room 282, Tel Aviv University

Registration for the semester: 8am, Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cost for the semester: NIS 350, NIS 650 per couple Cost for an individual lecture: NIS 50
   Gilman Building 226 | Tel: 03-6409703 | Fax: 03-6406883