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Prof. Nadav Na'aman

Professor of Jewish History
Department of Jewish History


BA - Hebrew University
MA - Hebrew University
Ph.D. - Tel Aviv University

Prof. Nadav Na'aman
Ph.D. Dissertation:The Political Disposition and Historical Development of Eretz-Israel according to the Amarna Letters

Fields of Research

  • Jewish History
  • Ancient Near East
  • Bible
  • Archaeology
Current Projects

MA. students

E. Ben Zvi, A. Zertal, Y. Dagan, R. Kletter, A. Fantalkin, Y. Taharani
MA. In preparation: D. Sroka

Ph.D. students

A. Zertal, A. Ofer, R. Kletter, O. Lipschits, A. Ashman, C. Edenburg
Ph.D. in preparation: N. Franklin, S. Sekine, G. Zitolovski

Selected Publications


Na'aman, N. 1986. Borders and Districts in Biblical Historiography. Jerusalem.

Finkelstein, I. and Na'aman, N. 1994. From Nomadism to Monarchy. Jerusalem.

Na'aman, N. 2002. The Past that Shapes the Present. The Creation of Biblical Historiography in the Late First Temple Period and after the Downfall. Jerusalem (Hebrew).

Y. Goren, I. Finkelstein and N. Na'aman. Forthcoming. Inscribed in Clay. Provenance Study of the Amarna Tablets and Other Ancient Near Eastern Texts (Monograph Series of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University), Tel Aviv.


Na'aman, N. 1974. Sennacherib's 'Letter to God' on his Campaign to Judah. BASOR 214:25-39.

Na'aman, N. 1982. Palestine in the Canaanite Periods: The Middle and Late Bronze Age. In: Eph'al, I. ed. The History of Eretz Israel. Vol. I. Jerusalem (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 1991. The Kingdom of Judah under Josia. Tel Aviv 18:3-71.

Na'aman, N. 1991. Chronology and History in the Late Assyrian Empire (631-619 BC) ZA 81:243-267.

Na'aman, N. 1994. The 'Conquest of Canaan' in the Book of Joshua and in History. In: Finkelstein, I. and Na'aman, N. eds. From Nomadism to Monarchy. Jerusalem: 218-281.

Na'aman, N. 1995. The Debated Historiocity of Hezekiah's Reform in the Light of Historical and Archaeological Research. ZAW 107:105-117.

Na'aman, N. 1996. The Contribution of the Amarna Letters to the Debate on Jerusalem's Political Position in the Tenth Century B.C.E. BASOR 304:17-27.

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Na'aman, N. 1997. Prophetic Stories as Sources for the Histories of Jehoshaphat and the Omrides, Biblica 78:153-173.

Na'aman, N. 1998. Sargon II the Rebellion of the Cypriote Kings against Shilta of Tyre. Orientalia 67:239-247.

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Na'aman, N. 1998. Shishak's Campaign to Palestine as Reflected by the Epigraphic. Biblical and Archaeological Evidence. Zion 63:247-276 (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 1998. Jehu Son of Omri - Legitimizing a Loyal Vassal by His Lord. Israel Exploration Journal 48:236-238.

Na'aman, N. 1998. Ittai the Gittite. Biblische Notizen 94:22-25.

Na'aman, N. 1998. Two Notes on the History of Ashkelon and Ekron in the Late Eighth-Seventh Century B.C.E. Tel Aviv 25:219-227.

Na'aman, N. 1999. The Letter of Hattushili III King of Hatti to Kadashman-Enlil II King of Babylon. In: Avishur, Y. and Deutsch, R. eds. Michael. Historical, Epigraphical and Biblical Studies in Honor of Prof. Michael Heltzer. Tel Aviv: 107*-118* (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 1999. Four Notes on the Size of the Land of Canaan. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 313:31-37.

Na'aman, N. 1999. The Contribution of Royal Inscriptions for a Re-evaluation of the Book of Kings as a Historical Source. Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 82:3-17.

Na'aman, N. 1999. On the Antiquity of the Regnal Years in the Book of Kings. TheologischeZeitschrift 55:44-46.

Na'aman, N. 1999. The Historical Background of the Aramaic Inscription from Tel Dan. Eretz Israel 26:112-118 (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 1999. No Anthropomorphic Graven Image. Notes on the Assumed Anthropomorphic Cult Statues in the Temples of YHWH in the Pre-Exilic Period. Ugarit-Forschungen 31:391-415.

Na'aman, N. 1999. Lebo-Hamath, Subat-Hamath and the Northern Boundary of the Land of Canaan. Ugarit-Forschungen 31:417-441.

Na'aman, N. 1999. The Fire Signals of Lachish Revisited. Palestine Exploration Quarterly 131:65-67.

Na'aman, N. 2000. Three Notes on the Aramaic Inscription from Tel Dan. Israel Exploration Journal 50:92-104.

Na'aman, N. 2000. The Egyptian – Canaanite Correspondence. In: Cohen, R. and Westbrook, R. eds. Amarna Diplomacy: The Beginnings of International Relations. Baltimore and London: 125-138, 252-253.

Na'aman, N. 2000. The Contribution of the Trojan Grey Ware from Lachish and Tel Miqne-Ekron for the Chronology of the Philistine Monochrome Pottery. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 317:1-7.

Na'aman, N. 2000. The Law of the Altar in Deuteronomy and the Cultic Site near Shechem. In: McKenzie, S.L. and Romer, T. eds. Rethinking the Foundations. Historiography in the Ancient World and in the Bible. Essays in Honour of John Van Seters. Berlin and New York: 141-161.

Na'aman, N. 2000. New Light on Hezekiah's Second Prophetic Story (2 Kings 19, 9b-35). Biblica 81:393-402.

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Na'aman, N. 2000. Assyrian Deportations to the Province of Samerina in the Light of Two Cuneiform Tablets from Tel Hadid. Tel Aviv 27:159-188 (co-author R. Zadok).

Na'aman, N. 2000. Habiru-Like Bands (l?-urbi) in the Assyrian Empire and Bands in Biblical Historiography. Journal of the American Oriental Society 120:621-624.

Na'aman, N. 2000. Rubutu/Aruboth. Ugarit-Forschungen 32:373-383.

Na'aman, N. 2001. Royal Inscription versus Prophetic Story: Mesha's Rebellion in Historical Elucidation. Zion 66:5-40 (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 2001. The Conquest of Yadnana according to the Inscriptions of Sargon II. In: Abusch, T. et al. eds. Proceedings of the XLVe Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale. vol. 1: Historiography in the Cuneiform World. Bethesda: 365-372.

Na'aman, N. 2001. Historical Analysis of the Book of Kings in the Light of Royal Inscriptions of the Ninth Century BCE. Cathedra 100:89-108 (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 2001. The Bible as a Source for the History of Israel in the First Temple Period. In: Levine, L.I. and Mazar, A. eds. The Controversy over the Historicity of the Bible. Jerusalem: 124-134 (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 2001. An Assyrian Residence at Ramat Rahel? Tel Aviv 28:260-280.

Na'aman, N. 2001. Solomon's District List (1 Kings 4:7-19) and the Assyrian Province System in Palestine. Ugarit-Forschungen 33:419-436.

Na'aman, N. 2002. Aribua and the Patina-Hamath Border. Orientalia 71:291-295.

Na'aman, N. 2002. The Seat of Three Disputed Canaanite Rulers according to Petrographic Investigation of the Amarna Tablets. Tel Aviv 29:221-237 (co-authors Y. Goren and I. Finkelstein).

Na'aman, N. 2002. In search of Reality behind the Account of David's Wars with Israel's Neighbours. Israel Exploration Journal 52:200-224.

Na'aman, N. 2002. Dispatching Canaanite Maidservants to the Pharaoh. Ancient Near Eastern Studies 39:76-82.

Na'aman, N. 2003. Updating the Messages: Hezekiah's Second Prophetic Story (2 Kings 19, 9b-35) and the Community of Babylonian Deportees. In: Grabbe, L.L. ed. 'Like a Bird in the Cage'. The Invasion of Sennacherib in 701 BCE (JSOT Supplement 363). Sheffield: 201-220.

Na'aman, N. 2003. Ostracon 40 from Arad Reconsidered. In: Hertog, C.G., Hübner, U. and Münger, S. eds. Saxa loquentur. Studien zur Archäologie Palästinas/Israels Festschrift für Volkmar Fritz zum 65. Geburtstag. Münster: 199-204.

Na'aman, N. 2003. The Contribution of the Lachish Ostraca for the Study of the Distribution of Messages in the Kingdom of Judah in the Late Monarchial Period. In: Ben-Arieh, Y. and Reiner, E. eds. Studies in the History of Eretz Israel Presented to Yehuda Ben Porat. Jerusalem: 5-12 (Hebrew).

Na'aman, N. 2003. The Distribution of Messages in the Kingdom of Judah in Light of the Lachish Ostraca. Vetus Testamentum 53:169-180.

Na'aman, N. 2003. The Expansion of the Kingdom of Amurru according to the Petrographic Investigation of the Amarna Tablets. BASOR 329:1-11 (co-authors Y. Goren and I. Finkelstein).

Na'aman, N. 2003. The Location of Alashiya: New Evidence from Petrographic Investigation of Alashiyan Tablets from El-Amarna and Ugarit. American Journal of Archaeology 107:233-255 (co-authors Y. Goren, S. Bunimovitz and I. Finkelstein).

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